All Geared Lathe Machine

All Geared Lathe Machine
All Geared Lathe Machine

Saturday, 8 December 2012

All Geared Lathe & Semi Geared Lathe

Difference in All Geared Lathe Machine & 
Semi Geared Lathe Machine

There is huge difference between All Geared Lathe & Semi Geared Lathe Machine. Buyer need to see the difference between both the machines, when they are looking to buy it. Below are the difference between them:
All Geared Lathe
All Geared Lathe Machine
Semi Gear Head Lathe Machine
Semi Geared Lathe Machine

  • Appearance: There is major difference in the appearance . After looking at the Head Stock, we can easily judge the machine whether it is All Geared Lathe or Semi Geared Lathe.
  • Spindle Speeds: With the difference in the Head Stock, same applies to the speed of the All Geared Lathe Machine & Semi Geared Lathe. All Geared Lathe comes with 8, 12, 16, 18 or more spindle speeds while Semi Geared comes with 6 spindle speeds. 
  • Operation: In Semi-Geared Lathe, the V Belts are required to be slipped from one pulley to another manually while in All Geared Lathe Machine, the belts are not required to be slipped. It is fully operational from Head Stock Front Levers. Machine Video is available at  
  • Head Stock Gears: There is high difference in the making of the head stock as there are number of gears are linked to each other in All Geared Lathe which is not in the Semi geared lathe. All the gears are induction hardened in the Head Stock whereas it may or may not be hardened gears in the Head Stock of Semi Geared Lathe.
These are the few differences in both the machine and at the same time there is a difference in the Lathe Machine Price as well. Due to the major difference in the making of the machine, there lies difference in the price
 as well. A buyer need to have a look at the above mentioned difference before they buy the machine for their industry. So depending upon the requirement, a buyer can chose the machine to buy.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Lathe Centers


Centers are useful in holding the work in a lathe between centers. The shank of a
center has Morse taper on it and the face is conical in shape. There are two types of centers
(i) Live center
(ii) Dead center
Holding Work Piece Between the Centers

The live center is fitted on the headstock spindle and rotates with the work. The
center fitted on the tail stock spindle is called dead center. It is useful in supporting the other
end of the work. Centers are made of high carbon steel and hardened and then tempered.
So the tip of the centers are wear resistant. Different types of centers are available according
to the shape of the work and the operation to be performed. They are Ordinary center, Tipped center, Revolving center. Lathe Machine Manufacturer Preet Lathe Udyog offers Dead Center/Ordinary Center as standard accessories along with the Lathe Machine and other centers as optional.