All Geared Lathe Machine

All Geared Lathe Machine
All Geared Lathe Machine

Saturday, 27 October 2012

All Geared Lathe Vs Cone Pulley Lathe

All Geared Lathe Machine

Lathe which is equipped with All Geared Headstock  is easy to operate as there is no manual slip of Belt from one step to any other. All Geared Lathe have three or more than three shafts mounted within & it is shown in the picture below.
All Geared Lathe Headstock View
 The gears are equipped to obtain different speeds, which can be more than 18 spindle speeds. The middle shaft has got three gears D,E & F as a single unit, thus will rotate at similar speed. The spline shaft also have three gears mounted as A,B & C on it. The three gears can made to slide with the help of the lever mounted in front of the Headstock as shown below.

All Geared Lathe - Preet Lathe Series
This movement enables the Gear A to contact with the Gear D or with other gears. This sliding movement on the either of the shafts with the help of the levers, different gears get in touch with each other & these gears are connected to the main Spindle. So, with the rotation of the Electric Motor Pulley, these gears are also in drive and rotates the spindle, producing different RPM. All Speed Changes are done with the series of levers on the front of the Headstock & are like shifting gears in a Car.

Cone Pulley or V Belt Drive Lathe Machine

The V Belt Lathe Machine or famously known as Conventional Lathe Machine in Batala or Cone Pulley Lathe Machine is one of the oldest form of the Lathe Machines, in which the different speeds are obtained with the help of the belt arranged on the four different steps of the cone pulley. A step Cone Pulley is attached with the Head Stock Spindle.
Cone Pulley Presentation

 The Conventional Lathe Machine or Cone Pulley Lathe has four steps as in the above picture (A,B,C,D) & on the other side there is another pulley which also have four steps (E,F,G,H) which is placed parallel to the Spindle Cone Pulley. Both the Pulleys are connected with the Belt and the V Belt is connected to the Electric Motor. The Belt can be arranged between the steps A&H, B&G, C&F & D&F manually, thus the required speed is attained. The Spindle speed will be maximum when the belt is arranged between A & H while the minimum speed will be attained when the belt is arranged between D & E. In this kind of Lathe, Operator have to slip the Belt from one step to another manually.

Monday, 22 October 2012

All Geared Lathe Headstock

Headstock Composition

All Geared Lathe Machine are manufactured with the usage of the most advanced technology as it contains the minor to the major accuracy work, which is not possible without the EXPERTISE of the Expert Lathe Machine Manufacturer. 

All Geared Lathe

A Headstock contain numbers of gears so that different speeds or RPM can be obtained. It is very important to use the right material for the Gears & the Shafts and not to forget Headstock Spindle. Carbonized Material is regarded as the best material for these gears & so as for the Shafts. The headstock is made of robust material as due to cutting forces involved, which can disturb the performance as these forces can reduce the quality of the finished workpiece.

The Spindle is hollow, so that long pieces or bars can be extended to the work area. The Main Spindle runs in Bearings and is fitted with some means of attaching work-holding devices such as Dog Chucks or Three Jaw Chucks. This end of the spindle usually also has an included Morse Taper, to allow the insertion of Dead Centers or Live Centers or Tapers. All Geared Head use a gear box driven by a dedicated electric motor & it allows the Machine Operator to run it on different speeds by changing the Lever Positions given series.