All Geared Lathe Machine

All Geared Lathe Machine
All Geared Lathe Machine

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Cone Pulley Drive Lathe

Understanding Cone Pulley Lathe Machine

It is simple in construction. The belt is arranged on the four different steps of the cone pulley to obtain different speeds. A step cone pulley is attached with the spindle contained within the head-stock casting.

The cone pulley has four steps (A, B, C & D). Another cone pulley having four steps (E, F, G and H) is placed parallel to the spindle cone pulley. Both the cone pulleys are connected by a flat or V belt. The belt can be arranged between the steps “A & H”, “B & G”, “C & F” and “D & E”. The cone pulley at the bottom is connected to the electric motor by a V-belt. So the cone pulley at the bottom rotates at a particular speed.

The belt is arranged on any of the four steps to obtain different spindle speeds. The spindle speed is increased if the belt is placed on the smaller step of the driven pulley. The spindle speed will be maximum when the belt is arranged between "A & H" and the speed will be minimum when the belt is arranged between "D & E".

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Sunday, 19 November 2017

Lathe Machine Carriage

Understanding Lathe Machine Carriage

Carriage is located between the head stock and tail stock on the lathe bed guide ways. It can be moved along the bed either towards or away from the head stock. It has several parts to support, move and control the cutting tool. The parts of the carriage are:

a) Saddle
b) Apron
c) Cross-slide
d) Compound rest
e) Compound slide
f) Tool post


It is an “H” shaped casting. It connects the pair of bed guide ways like a bridge. It fits over the bed and slides along the bed between head stock and tail stock. The saddle or the entire carriage can be moved by providing hand feed or automatic feed.

Cross slide:

Cross-slide is situated on the saddle and slides on the dovetail guide ways at right angles to the bed guide ways. It carries compound rest, compound slide and tool post. Cross slide hand wheel is rotated to move it at right angles to the lathe axis. It can also be power driven. The cross slide hand wheel is graduated on its rim to enable to give known amount of feed as accurate as 0.05mm.

Compound rest:

Compound rest is a part which connects cross slide and compound slide. It is mounted on the cross-slide by tongue and groove joint. It has a circular base on which angular graduations are marked. The compound rest can be swiveled to the required angle while turning tapers. A top slide known as compound slide is attached to the compound rest by dove tail joint. The tool post is situated on the compound slide.

Tool post:

This is located on top of the compound slide. It is used to hold the tools rigidly. Tools are selected according to the type of operation and mounted on the tool post and adjusted to a convenient working position completed in a shorter time because the required tools are preset.

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