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All Geared Lathe Machine

Monday, 29 May 2017

Specification of a Lathe Machine

Specification of a Lathe Machine

Specification of a lathe machine is utterly dependent on the specifications required to turn a job. It is advisable to know the type of job, job maximum diameter & of course job length. So, when it comes to lathe machine specification there are may things which should be confirmed with the supplier to ensure machine fits your need.

Here are the list of few important things:
a.    Swing or maximum diameter that can be rotated over the bed ways.
b.    Maximum length of the job that can be held between head stock and tail stock centers
c.    Bed length, which may include head stock length also.
d.    Maximum diameter of the bar that can pass through spindle or collect chuck of lathe.

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Friday, 12 May 2017

Lathe Machine Price


Lathe Machine PriceIn a market where there are hundreds of Manufacturers and at the same time there are thousands of Dealers or Traders. In all this bio scope, the most important thing is to judge the right manufacturer/trader who could a quality machine and ensures that it will meet the standards of the machine required.

Few major points that should be considered before buying lathe machine:

1. Check if seller is a Manufacturer or Trader.
It is very easy to learn from their respective websites if seller is a Manufacturer or Trader. Manufacturer can manufacturer maximum 3-4 products and same will be mentioned on their website but on the other hand a Dealer or Trader will have numerous products listed on their website they are selling. Most of the times, Traders or Dealers ensure buyer that they are manufacturer but actually they are not.

2. Buyer should have knowledge of the product.

It is highly and equally important that buyer should have the knowledge about the machines they are looking and should discuss the tolerances.

3. Machine Videos

It is very easy to morph the technology but at the same time is little difficult to change any thing in the video. Buyer should check for the videos or should visit seller YouTube Channel for example This will answer both the above two points.

Adding above points there basic website will answer most of the questions as well. And i hope this article may help in deciding the machine.

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