All Geared Lathe Machine

All Geared Lathe Machine
All Geared Lathe Machine

Sunday, 18 November 2012

All Geared Lathe

All Geared Lathe are one of the most easily operable machines in Lathe Machine Industry. Usually it comes with Full Norton or Quick Change Gear Box. The reason it is easily operable because & majorly some job requires extra speed or RPM then these machines are there to deliver it. Also, if the job requires really Low RPM then again this machine offers the same.

Preet Lathe offers All Geared Lathe with 18 Different Spindle Speeds, which helps the machine operator to change the Speed of the Spindle according to the requirement of the Job which can be either less RPM or High RPM. Preet Lathe machine is offered lowest RPM - 10 & Highest RPM - 2000 & in-between there are total 18 different speeds which can be set accordingly with just a flick of the Lever Handles. With the addition Norton Gear box it becomes it easy to cut the Thread rather than changing gears from the rear side of the machine which utilizes time & effort. Lathe Machine is offered with Flame Hardened Bed with Turcite Fitting which is optional however this does increases the life of the machine thus retaining accuracy.

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