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All Geared Lathe Machine
All Geared Lathe Machine

Friday, 23 November 2012

Apron Mechanism

Apron Mechanism

Apron is attached to the carriage and hangs over the front side of the lathe bed. It is
useful in providing power and hand feed to both carriage and cross-slide. It is also used to
provide power feed to the carriage during thread cutting through two half nuts.

Power is transmitted from the spindle to the lead-screw and feed rod through the
spindle gear and tumbler gear arrangement. A worm is mounted on the feed rod by a sliding
key. The worm meshes with a worm gear on whose axis another gear G1 is attached. Gear
G1 is attached to a small gear G2 by a bracket as shown in the diagram. Gear G4 is
positioned to be in mesh with the rack gear always. Another gear G3 is mounted on the same
axis of gear G4. The carriage hand-wheel meant for longitudinal feed is attached to the gear
G5 on the same axis. The gears G3 and G5 are always in mesh. The gear G6 is attached to
the cross slide screw.
The feed selection lever can be kept in neutral, up and down positions to obtain the
following movements.
1. Hand feed and power feed to the carriage
2. Hand feed and power feed to the cross slide


  1. Sir can u plz tell me the merits and demerits on apron mechanism???

  2. Hello Ali, Thanks you for writing in.
    To answer your question it will be difficult to differentiate merits/demerits because as such in apron mechanism it is only the design itself is merit or demerit. So as per my view it all depends upon the material, design & workmanship. And of course lubrication holds the key point here. I hope this may answer your question or if you want to know anything specifically, please write in.
    Thank you once again.